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We are a family-owned business located in Montague New Jersey, serving customers from the tri-state area in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. We are proud to represent the quality manufacturers of hearth products who we partner with as a dealer.

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We are a fully insured and certified alternative Hearth and Stove provider. Our Product lines include Pellet, Wood, Coal and Gas Stoves Fireplaces and Central Heating Systems. We serve in Sussex County, New Jersey, Pike County, Pennsylvania and Orange County, New York.

The many different models and types of stoves can be confusing for the first-time buyer. In the following pages, you can read about the benefits of each to make your choice easier. Contact us today and we will gladly help with any questions that you may have.

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Wood stove

We have a broad range of products with price and heating capability to our customers while not sacrificing quality.
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Gas Fireplace

We offer high efficiency wall furnace that will provide plenty of adjustable warmth to any room.
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Pellet Stoves

We have chosen these Harman and Piazetta because they represent high quality in both technology and design.

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Harman Pellet Inserts

The Harman Accentra Pellet Stove is a high-performance pellet stove with beautiful, traditional cast iron styling. The Accentra is state-of-the-art in every way. The Accentra delivers high overall efficiencies due to the unique cast iron heat exchanger. The Accentra is rated at 52,000 BTUs per hour and has a heating capacity of up to 2500 square feet.